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Looking for One Article?

Journal article citations usually look similar to this:

Authorname, A.B. (2008). "Title of article." Journal Name. Vol 25, issue 3, pages 47-58.

Use the "eJournals" link on the library homepage to look up journals in electronic format. Enter the journal name in the search box. Then click on the journal title, for example "AIHAJ - American Industrial Hygiene Association." You'll get something like this: 

American industrial hygiene association

Full text available via Informaworld Taylor & Francis Science and Technology Library
available from 1958 volume: 19 issue 1 until 1999 volume: 60 issue: 6

The dates tell you what issues of the journal are available.  The links go to our sources that have full-text articles from this journal.  Click the "Full text available" link to go to database and search for your article. 

Use the "Books" link on the library home page to look up journals in print form. All journals in print form are filed alphabetically on the first floor of the library,