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WRITING 321w Cornish

This guide provides library-related information to help students succeed in Janet Cornish's Advanced Technical Writing course.

Internet Research


The internet is a valuable research tool. Pros of internet research include: 

  • Convenience

          You can find information about anything from anywhere. 

  • Access to vast amounts of information

            Internet research is convenient and quick compared to traditional research methods. Researchers can access 

           information from their computers or mobile devices, reducing the time and effort required for data collection.

  • Cost

            You may hit paywalls, but you will also find free information on any topic.


The internet presents challenges to research. Cons of internet research include: 

  • Credibility of sources

           Library resources have gone through an established review process. Most internet content has not been subjected to

          scholarly review. 

  • Bias

​​​​​​​          Among the credibility concerns of free information found on the internet, bias tops the list. We are seldom sure about

          the author's own biases or reasons for making information available. 

  • Ethical use of information

          It can be difficult to track down the original content creators in order to cite sources for the purposes of scholarly work.


Should I use ChatGPT or other AI tools to generate the first draft of my paper?

You should closely follow your instructor's policies regarding the use of AI in your writing. 


Should I use Google?

Perhaps. Once you narrow your topic appropriately and choose your keywords, try searching google scholar using the advanced search feature.


Should I use Open Access materials?

Yes. Once you are comfortable with identifying and evaluating open access materials, there are numerous search sites that allow you to limit your search results to open access materials. Try these sites:


Should I use Wikipedia? 

Many Wikipedia entries are well-cited and may have reference sections that direct you to scholarly peer-reviewed sources. Wikipedia may point you to valuable articles that you could then find in the library databases and use in your own research.


Why would I use library resources instead of internet resources? 

Consider using both library resources and internet resources. Library databases mostly contain materials that aren't available to you on the free internet. Library databases are the only resources designed to facilitate efficient scholarly research.