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Intro to Psychology (Risser)

Where to search?

Most of the time, you'll be searching for an article based on either the title or author. For this assignment, however, you're given the journal name instead, and the title and author are unlisted in most cases. In this situation you would want to go to the library page and select the eJournals option under "Search our Collections." 

Because there are so many journals with similar titles, like Journal of _______ Psychology, you will want to select the exact bubble next to the search bar and make sure you are searching the journal title exactly as it appears in your source. 

If you do not receive any results, and you're certain the title is entered correctly, then it is likely we do not subscribe to that particular journal. 

When you do receive results, they will indicate the date ranges of the collection, 2011 to present, for example. Because of the recent nature of the studies listed for this assignment, a journal with results from 1982 to 2003 would not be particularly helpful. Sometimes we have access to multiple databases that include the same journal, all with different ranges of coverage. 

Once you do find a journal we have access to, with coverage that includes the publication of your specified article, you can click through and you will be taken to the relevant database, like EBSCO Academic Search Complete. With an EBSCO database, for example, you'll see the various years of the publication in a menu to the right of the page. Selecting the relevant year will expand to offer the specific issues. Clicking through to the relevant issue will take you to all relevant results for that issue. At this point you can search your keyword/s within the specific issue, which should guarantee a relevant result.