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WRITING 322W Advanced Business Writing Karas

This guide provides tips for finding industry graphics for your assignment in Advanced Business Writing.

Writer's Studio

Before you submit your final paper or project, make sure that you can answer YES to these questions.

If you aren't comfortable answering YES to all of the questions, please make use of the Writer's Studio here on campus. It's part of our campus Academic Center for Excellence. They offer tools to help you to become a better writer, including reviewing your papers. Even if you are confident in your work, a second opinion never hurts and a visit to the Writer's Studio will help you to become familiar with all of the services that they offer at no additional cost to you.  

1. Is your final product a thoughtful response to your instructor's assignment?

2. Does your final product represent your own ideas or conclusions?

3. If required, is your final product more than just a summary of other people’s ideas?

4. If you paraphrased or summarized any information resources, did you cite the sources according to the assignment instructions? 

5. Did you cite your sources according to the style guide specified in your assignment (ex. APA, MLA)? 

6. Did you review the assignment and make sure that you met all expectations (ex. word count, slide count, formatting, title page, annotated bibliography, etc.)?

7. Is your final product proof-read and aesthetically pleasing? 

8. Are you proud of your work?